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Did you know that our indoor air can be up to 12 x more toxic than the busiest, stinkiest city street?

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Team Tend is tickled green to announce our latest and greatest offering as part of the thrilling Biophilic Design movement: air purification of your work and living spaces through PHYTOREMEDIATION…the rapidly developing science of restoring balance with plants.

The theory that human health and well-being has a biologically-based need to affiliate with nature is the guiding principle of Biophilic Design; a movement dedicated to transforming spaces with the healing ability of plants. While plants have been proven to have profound psychological affects on our well-being resulting in increased test scores and productivity, lowered anxiety, and accelerated healing, Phytoremediation is the actual physical process of filtering contaminants from our soil, water, and air. We here at TEND are seriously geeking out on the air-filtering power of indoor plants and hope you will, too.

Our indoor spaces –the very ones we retreat to for safety and comfort– are rampant with the toxic off-gassing of formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and other nasty health offenders via building materials, electronics, adhesives, paint, solvents, plastics, pressed wood products, insulation, foams, fibers, cleaning products, gasoline, lacquers, varnishes, detergents, even inks and paper.  Gag.  All plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen but some green “giants” have been proven to also eliminate significant amounts of these harmful chemicals caused by common household and work place items. Let us bring them to you.

From mushroom spores cleaning up crude oil spills to house plants combating sick-building syndrome, plants have the power to not only beauty and uplift, but to transform and heal.  We know plants and want to share their radical power with you! We will deliver the variety, volume, and style of greenscaping appropriate to your space and will even take care of them for you. True TENDerness, friends.

♥ Viva Planet Earth ♥



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