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Tilly Horns

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Tilly air plant horn by Tend Living

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i swiped this image from my friend Allison on Pinterest and we can’t locate it’s origins. does any one know where this amazingness lives? i’d like to go there right now please.

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I semi-promised my hubs I would let him edit his gorg pix of my contribution to the recent Hitched showcase but since I am impetuous, here are just a few nibbles (these were taken during set up so the table is not complete but the light was ideal). Living succulent runner by Tend in collaboration […]

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the oldest living things

check out the important work of Rachel Sussman. she is combing the planet documenting continuously living organisms such as 5000 yr-old moss and 100,000 yr-old sea grass. if plants could talk. better yet, if humans would only listen. the oldest living things in the world

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